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You’ll Learn How To Trade Gaps & Breakouts with Clearly Explained LIVE-Market Training Featuring Popular Speaker & Author Ken Calhoun

Ken Calhoun trains you how momentum day trading patterns work in live markets. As a well-known active trader, Ken Calhoun will show you day trading gaps & breakout charts for current markets so you’ll learn practical stock day trading techniques. Join Ken Calhoun for precision day trading tips you can use each week in our live Trading The Open chat room!

See Stock Gap & Breakout Trading Tactics in LIVE Markets!

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You’ll Learn 4 Top Professional Strategies

Join bestselling trading coach Ken Calhoun, as seen in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Fidelity, theStreet, Equities & MoneyShow


LIVE Day & Swing Chart Training

  • You’ll see how to identify the strongest stock trading setups in each morning’s session.
  • Learn why gap & breakout charts are moving strongly, with step-by-step training.

Candlesticks & Tape Reading

  • Discover how to trade momentum breakouts with 1-minute candles & “tape reading” for stocks only, primarily in the $15-$50/share range.
  • Join Ken Calhoun for exclusive ‘Tape Reading Walkthroughs’ for entries & exits.

Price-Action Momentum Moves

  • Watch how LIVE momentum charts move during the opening hour.
  • Follow along with fully narrated training you can learn from once you join. You’ll see for yourself how precision patterns work, as one of our valued members.

Morning Gaps & Breakouts

  • You learn how to follow opening gaps and breakouts with our morning watchlist & training.
  • You’ll see specific price-action S/R levels posted live & updated throughout each session. Ask questions, get realtime answers!


Each Live trading the Open session features our proprietary GAP & Breakout Alerts table, updated continuously in live markets, so you can see SPECIFIC, CLEARLY EXPLAINED tickers & long/short educational price triggers.

LONG triggers are in green text in the left column labeled ‘resistance’, and SHORT triggers are in red text in the right column labeled ‘support’.
Tickers highlighted in green = winners, grey = breakeven, red = stops.
Tickers with no highlight were not activated. See how many successful alerts our members got:

Our Members Trust Us

Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients, and testimonials are no guarantee of future performance nor success.

“Ken is the real deal. His picks are great…he is constantly teaching. The small “one-liner” teachings that he is constantly sharing with us in the trading room are extremely valuable. You can learn a lot in a very short time.”

Kevin W.

“Very clear, concise, professional approach to scanning for set-ups and establishing accurate entry and exit points (long/short) for the day. It’s time very well spent!”

Bob W.

“Your trading room is absolutely outstanding and the most professional I have been in to date. I subscribed to your room in order to get a glimpse into how professional day trading is executed…I have been a member in two other trading rooms and yours is the absolute best.”

Michael P.

“…. excellent step-by-step practical advice that I’ve started using already. Ken was extremely professional and generous with the Q&A session at the and I get the feeling that he genuinely  cares about his trainees learning and becoming better traders. Well-worth the investment, what I learned has more than paid for the cost of the training within a couple of days already.”

Richard B.

“I am new to your live trading room …Your trading room is light years beyond my expectations…. you put it all right on the table…solid professional trading. It is very much appreciated and I wanted to say thank you.”

Lou B.

“…I really admire the way that you conduct the live room and it’s great to see how someone with your expertise is willing to pass on his knowledge to people who will be able to use it to their benefit…completely satisfied with the live room (you really do an excellent job there)..”

Sophia A.

“I have been a member of Ken Calhoun’s Trading Room for about 6 months. It’s definitely one of the best trading rooms on the web. His trading calls, both entries and exits, were very accurate…high-quality trading education was delivered during the webinars… I will definitely recommend Ken Calhoun’s Trading Room to the traders of all levels, both new and experienced.”

Karen A.

“I like your honesty, especially during Trading The Open, realizing that this is much more difficult than it looks. I have seen other trading rooms and there is a reason why I have been a member for so long. For me repetition is what works , watching for the last year or so has definitely helped me alot….In general your professionalism is what sets the tone for me, followed up with consistency of accurate calls on a daily basis.”

Lenny C.

“Prior to retiring, I traded as a market maker on the CBOE, OTC Market Maker and Specialist and I highly recommend Ken for both the new and seasoned trader for the correct way to day and swing trade in today’s marketplace. It’s all about making money and he presents accurate practical ways to trade the market. I think of him as the “Modern Market Maker”

Ray B.

Learn with Ken Calhoun, internationally renowned MoneyShow speaker & TASC author:

These enthusiastic trader testimonials were captured LIVE at Ken Calhoun’s popular Las Vegas and Denver seminar events.


Disclaimer: The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients. The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success.