Featuring Popular Speaker & Author & Trader Ken Calhoun… You’ll Get a Minimum of 20+ Winning Alerts Each Month Guaranteed or Get 100% of Your Money Back.

Trade Alerts

Learn from realtime actionable trading alerts posted ahead of time so they are easy to follow.  You can join our LIVE gotowebinar webcasts M-F 9am-10:30amET.

Live Charts & Entries Explained

Watch award-winning trading pro Ken Calhoun show you top setups.

Tape Reading, Gaps & Breakouts

Get alerted to the strongest morning gaps & breakouts, fully explained so it makes sense.

Real Time Trading Screenshare

You'll see Ken's trading workstation charts via Gotowebinar as he shows you LIVE streaming trade setups!

Video Recordings & PDFs

Download crystal-clear HD session recordings & PDFs in your members area (preview).

Interactive Q&A Community

Ask questions about trading and get LIVE answers, fast.

Daily Alerts 'Answer Key'

An industry first -- see top picks & long/short specific entry prices before 9:30am, updated in-market.

Pre-Market Analysis

Create your personal daily trading plan as we review premarket gappers & more at 9am daily.

Tape Reading Entries & Exits

Get expert tape reading examples in live markets.

You’ll Be Immersed in 4 Useful Professional Strategies as You Join Us via Gotowebinar Monday through Fridays 9am – 10:30am ET for Ken’s LIVE Market Training!

Morning Gaps & Breakouts

You will learn how to follow opening gaps and breakouts with our morning watchlist & training. You’ll see specific price-action S/R levels posted live & updated throughout each session. Ask questions, get realtime answers!

Price-Action Momentum Moves

Watch how LIVE momentum charts move during the opening hour. Follow along with fully narrated training you can learn from once you join. You’ll see for yourself how precision patterns work, as one of our valued members.

LIVE Day & Swing Chart Training

You’ll see how to identify the strongest stock trading setups in each morning’s session. Learn why gap & breakout charts are moving strongly, with step-by-step training.

Candlesticks & Tape Reading

Discover how to trade momentum breakouts with 1-minute candles & “tape reading” for stocks with strong price action momentum. Join Ken Calhoun for exclusive ‘Tape Reading Walkthroughs’ for entries & exits.

No Cheap Low-Float BS Stocks

Unlike competitors' "ripoff rooms", we do not trade risky thinly-traded cheap stocks that front-run traders. No deception nor phony income claims, either.

Trading is a high-risk, speculative activity and most traders incur trading losses. All information is for educational and informational use only; consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making trading decisions.

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Day Trading Winning Alerts Guarantee

Since August 2000, I’ve trained thousands of active traders.  Let me earn your trust with my personal guarantee.  I’ll post dozens of specific price entry alerts each month in the live room for you ahead of time.  I guarantee at least 20 alerts will produce potentially winning papertrading day trades for us, as tracked by Ken, of at least thirty cents (.30) or more on average each month; eg  total of 60+ winning trades (on paper) or more during the 90-day timeframe, or get 100% of your money back, on request, after the end of 90 days.  Note per compliance regulations I’m not guaranteeing you will personally make winning trades, I’m guaranteeing that papertrading/hypothetical performance will be at least 60 winning alerts will be posted for you ahead of time during the upcoming three months.  No other trading chatroom I’ve seen offers anything like this — an industry first!  No BS.  Join now.