Hi (trader) -

I just wanted to check that you'll be able to limit posts/interactions in the live room, moving forward? It seems that you want to ask questions every single day; as you can tell most of my traders don't do that, you're the only one. The room may not be the right fit for you; as it's designed mostly for me to scan for and narrate the patterns live, not do a lot of daily Q&A for training.

Please let me know; if you want to ask a lot of questions, I do that in my evening webinars, and work very hard at it for everyone, but I can't take time to answer daily trading how-to questions in the live room a lot, as it takes away from my ability to scan for triggers/alerts for all the other traders. This live room is not a service designed to answer questions, it's a daily alert service designed to have me scan for and narrate entry/exit educational alerts. Does that make sense?

I explain on the TradingTheOpen.com site the thinking behind the room and how I run it. I do appreciate your wanting to learn, but this service isn't geared towards lots of Q&A time daily. I want to make sure that this is meeting both our needs, and it sounds like you want daily detailed Q&A with me in the live room, and that's not something that is included. Please confirm you understand; and can respect this moving forward -- thanks.